a healthy diet you can do forever!

It's time to let go of the fad diets and get real, lasting results!

I often receive emails from people saying: "I just finished a fast/cleanse, I feel amazing, but now what? I don't know how to eat to maintain these results, I'm so scared the weight and ill health is going to come back. Please help!"

If you don't know how to eat healthy,
I've made it really easy for you!

I've been there myself! For years my weight yo-yo'ed up and down, and all over the place because every time I lost weight, I tried to maintain the weight loss all the wrong ways. Like everyone else, I was under the false belief that weight loss and keeping the weight off had to be super restrictive and hard, and in fact it's the very opposite, if done correctly.

My story is that all the crash diets and fads were only adding inches to my waist-line, making me sick, and destroying my self confidence. Doing a fast or cleanse once in a while was fine, but doing extreme, restrictive diets over the longterm proved to be impossible - the more I dieted the fatter I became! One day I just gave up! I decided I could no longer put myself on yet another restrictive diet, and instead I would just eat healthy. Little did I know that a year and a half later of just eating healthy real food, I would lose 30 pounds, and I have kept it off ever since!

Not only did I lose 30 pounds, but my skin, my hair, my teeth, my memory, my strength and muscle tone, hormone levels, energy, and overall health is better than ever! All from focusing on eating a healthy diet of whole, real foods - no cutting out food groups, no restrictive eating plans, no deprivation! I could actually have a life as well, go to restaurants and eat out, and free myself of any worry of "falling" off my diet or messing up my results.

One eating plan: get the results and keep the results! EASY!

It's all about making healthy food choices, and this is what the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge is all about. This program will guide you to eating real food again, enjoying the process, and making confident, informed choices so you're not deprived, wasting your time, or swinging from one extreme diet to another.


What is the Whole Food Diet?

Pretty much a Whole Food Diet consists of eating whole, fresh, real food - fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, beans, legumes, meats, fish, seafood, eggs, animal products, and assortment of healthy condiments. Simple! (If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you'd cut out the meats and animal products).

On a whole food diet you won't be eating any processed or refined foods or ingredients such as sugar, white flour, margarine, fast food, candy, donuts, chips or crisps, microwaved meals, bottled sauces or dressings, deep fried foods, artificial sweeteners, flavour enhancers, instant soups, canned meals, etc. On a Whole Food Diet, everything you eat is real, everything is fresh. You will get back to eating what your body is designed to eat - whole, fresh, real food!!!

Once you are eating real food again, your body will start functioning as it should, and that means you will start getting healthy! Excess weight, chronic health conditions, aches and pains, lack of energy, skin problems, hormone imbalance, moodiness, mental fog, restlessness, anxiety, and depression are all symptoms that your body is not healthy or functioning as it should. Once you start eating properly, your body will start healing itself, and that's when the magic begins!

It's a mistake to believe that crash diets and the latest fads are your only solution.

I ask you:

• Do you want to get results the hard way or the easy way?

• Do you want your life controled by your diet?

• Do you want to be "dieting" for the rest of your life?

• Do you want short-term or long-term results?

• Do you skip social occassions because of your diet?

• Are there others things you'd rather be doing than being fixated on food and diet?

I am asking you this because eating healthy and getting results doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to be consuming your whole life. I want you healthy and living your life to the fullest, and getting the results you want! This is why I put this program together. It worked for me, it's worked for countless people I have coached, and it will work for you!

I put the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge together to guide you through the initial transition onto the diet and ensure you are doing everything correctly. The most challenging time of any diet change is the first seven days - this is the period of "make or break," where all sorts of things can come up, challenge you, and throw you off the diet. Having guidelines and instructions to follow, sample menus, food lists, meal ideas and a wide assortment of recipes to choose from will ensure your success and make it easy for you to do. Once you get through the first week, it then becomes easy, and soon enough it will even become a way of life.


 The 7 Day Whole Food Challenge includes:

An eBook containing:

Program Guidelines

Over 75 Recipes (breakfast dishes, green smoothies, broths, soups, salad dressings, salads, vegetable dishes, whole grain dishes, dips, and meat/fish/seafood dishes.

Food Lists of what you can and cannot eat.

Meal Ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

3 Sample Menus (1 Regular, 1 Super Simple, 1 Vegetarian).

Food Portion Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you purchase the program, you'll receive a link to download the eBook immediately! 

7 Day Whole Food Challenge Daily Videos:

The program comes with 7 Whole Food Challenge Videos - one video for each day of the Challenge. These videos are key, not only in guiding you through the diet, but also keeping you motivated and on-track!

Topics that will be covered in the videos:

What is the whole food diet and why it's important to eat healthy

How to buy healthy food and what to watch out for

Detox and withdrawal symptoms from sugar, caffeine, and food additives

How to deal with cravings

How to socialize and eat at restaurants while being on a whole food diet

Organic vs. Locally Grown vs. Conventionally Grown Food

How to identify GMO foods

Natural skincare (foods you can use on your skin and as skin remedies)

Taking better care of yourself (quality sleep, stress reduction, fitness/exercise)

Weight loss tips and how to maintain ideal weight

Staying on the whole food diet in the real world

When to allow yourself treats

What if you fall off the diet, how to get back on

Incorporating and experimenting with occasional fasts and cleanses

Importance of consistency and balance

How to make eating healthy simple and easy

Being on the whole food diet forever

When you buy the program, you'll get instant access to all 7 videos - the videos can be viewed online or downloaded straight to your computer or mobile device.

The entire program is 7 days in total!

To know for sure if the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge will benefit you, ask yourself (and be honest!):

• Does your current diet need improving?

• Are you addicted to sugar, desserts or sweet food?

• Do you drink coffee, tea, and/or soda for energy?

• Do you need to lose weight?

• Do you have any chronic health conditions like acne, excess weight, inflammation?

• What about blood sugar issues, hormone imbalance, lethargy, depression?

• Do you yo-yo diet?

• In the past year have you gained more than 2 or 3 pounds?

• Are you always fighting your weight?

• Do you have the same energy you had 2 or 3 years ago?

• Are you excited about your current eating plan?

• Do you want to eat healthy food but don't know where to start?

• Are you bored with what you eat, do you need some new ideas?

• Do you feel disillusioned by the whole weight loss industry?

• Are you frustrated with your body?

• Are you jumping from diet to another?

• Have you been able to lose weight and keep it off for good?

• Are you always sick?

• Are you moody?

• Does nothing seem to work?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, whether you are a new to a whole food diet or you are an advanced health food enthusiast - you will benefit from this program!

For those that are new to a whole food diet lifestyle, you will learn everything you need to know how to have a healthy diet and lifestyle. This program covers the basics of a whole food diet, what to eat, how much, ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, how to choose quality food, what to stay away from and why, what to expect when you start this diet, how to deal with cravings and withdrawal symptoms, how to stay on your diet while socializing and eating out, how to stay on a whole food diet over the longterm, what else you can do to improve your health, and much much more!

If you are already on a health journey, but perhaps need a little refresher, or need some new meals ideas or recipes, this program is great for you too! The foundation of the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge is a whole food diet, but I've also included 3 Dietary Essentials that are the primary focus of the program. These 3 Dietary Essentials refine the whole food diet to ensure everyone is doing it correctly and eating the healthiest whole food diet possible. The eBook that comes with the program also has over 75 recipes - therefore you have plenty to choose from while doing the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge and plenty to continue trying once the program is completed. Also included in the eBook are lists of meals ideas and 3 sample menus which can help you change things up, give you more ideas of what you can eat, and spark your energy and enthusiasm to continue polishing your healthy lifestyle and routine. The 7 Day Whole Food Challenge Daily Videos are packed with information and ideas to keep you inspired, informed, and thinking about how else you can continue to improve both your diet and lifestyle. This program will add a wealth of ideas, energy, enthusiasm, motivation, and inspiration to what you are currently doing!


 Benefits from doing the
7 Day Whole Food Challenge:

Learn how to eat healthy

Learn about portions, what to eat more of, what to eat less of (breakfast dishes, green smoothies, broths, soups, salad dressings, salads, vegetable dishes, whole grain dishes, dips, and meat/fish/seafood dishes.

Know what foods you need to make sure to be eating of what you can and cannot eat.

Learn how to realistically stay on a healthy diet while eating out and socializing for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Free yourself of food addictions (1 Regular, 1 Super Simple, 1 Vegetarian).

Create a better relationship with yourself and your food

Make confident food choices

Reset your taste buds to enjoy real, healthy food

Learn how to make healthy food

Get into a consistent routine of eating healthy food and taking care of yourself

Let go of relying on caffeine and sugar for energy

Have better quality sleep

Your complexion and appearance will glow

You'll experience a more balanced mood

Lose weight and keep it off

Once you've completed the program, you'll be fully equipped to continue

Your self-esteem and confidence will soar

And you'll feel better than you ever have!


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Read the Testimonials

"Thank you, thank you, Natasha"

I don't think I actually BELIEVED that I would be able to accomplish, to get myself to *D*O* - even 7 days - of eating healthy, nutritious, whole foods, let alone be able to see myself doing so INDEFINITELY and viewing it as something that is *E*A*S*Y*!!!

I have a WEALTH of information already, but just could NOT bring myself to, or figure out HOW to, put it into practice.

I found that Natasha's approach to whole foods, besides being incredibly knowledgeable, made it EASY for me to actually IMPLEMENT a change in my life that I could not do based on information alone. Her enthusiasm for everything in life seemed to reach out and grab me while she was laying out a simple, easy-to-follow structure that gently guided me into doing what I have needed to do to improve my health - which to me means reducing, and hopefully eliminating, a lot of pain and a whole lot of excess weight - so I can walk again, go hiking, ride a bicycle, and enjoy the outdoors as I used to. Her wisdom lies not only with the volume of facts that she imparts throughout the week of videos and personal guidance, but with methods that anyone can incorporate, at their own pace and at whatever level they are coming from and chose to be aspiring to.

I never DREAMED that I would be able to consider eating whole foods as being EASY!! I thought I was DOOMED to eating a SAD (standard American diet) because I thought that fixing my own food from scratch was going to be WAY TOO HARD. I have Natasha and this 7-Day Whole Foods Challenge to thank for turning my head around - without me even knowing it was happening - and finding myself in the kitchen fixing foods that are nutritious, and even more delicious, than I thought something out of a can or box was!

I want to say, "Thank you, thank you, Natasha," from the bottom of my heart, for giving so much of yourself to help those of us who want to make our lives better.

Nashville, USA

"I discovered that a 100% whole food way of eating is actually doable in my life"

Dear Natasha,

The week of whole foods was an education for me and for my body. I discovered the power of the salad to quiet sugar cravings. I discovered a new sensitivity in my taste buds for natural sweetness instead of the white stuff, and I discovered that a 100% whole food way of eating is actually doable in my life. Thank you for everything--sharing from your wealth of experience, all your encouragement, and your enthusiasm. It was a great week!

Michigan, USA

"I never expected "my world" to get so changed around in such a short time!"

Dear beautiful inspiring Natasha,

Thank you so much for hosting the 7 day whole food challenge. I had planned a couple weeks ago to do a 3 day juice fast with a friend this week and thought taking your challenge would be a good way to prep, not realizing it would be the beginning of a whole lifestyle change!

I loved your program and looked forward to your upbeat informative and encouraging videos each morning. This was huge in starting me off on the right foot.

By the third day I decided to skip my morning coffee and now enjoy hot water and lemon.

I have let my sugar addiction go and was completely satisfied with eating whole foods. I have been moving in this direction with my diet but this challenge just sealed the deal for me. Thank you so much.

I appreciate you covering skin care and household cleaners. This was an eye opener for me. I had heard about using olive oil, coconut, honey, baking soda and vinegar in the past, but for some reason just brushed it off, and you have made me a believer, of course!

I never expected "my world" to get so changed around in such a short time. I only look forward to improved health and wellbeing. And the whole question about what should I be eating is put to rest. Perfect!

Thanks again for a most excellent sane start to the rest of my life. I also appreciated your suggestions of flexibility when socializing with others and confidence to trust oneself. I do though feel I may have to forgo sugar for awhile, I am afraid of cravings being triggered. It has been a slippery slope for me in the past. Hmmmm...

So, congratulations to you, too for an awesome job. Really, most inspiring and thoughtfully thorough. You are a beautiful light and I am grateful.

All the best...with love,

New York, USA

Got Questions?

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge (click on the questions below):

FAQ Display

    + Q: Do I need any special equipment?

    A: No! The only kitchen equipment you need is a stove/oven for cooking your food. If you have a basic blender that would be great to make the green smoothies, puree some soups and blend some salad dressing.

    + Q: I am vegan or vegetarian, can I do the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge?

    A: Yes! There are over 75 recipes to choose from, and majority of the recipes are plant-based. Out of the 3 Sample Menus included in the program, one of them is vegetarian and can easily be modified into a vegan version. You are also welcome to use your own favorite healthy recipes as long as it fits in the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge Guidelines of what you can and can not eat.

    + Q: I can't eat certain foods, can I still do the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge?

    A: Yes. If there are certain foods you can't eat on the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge due to food allergies or sensitivities, religious reasons, health issues, etc., you can modify and make adjustments to the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge to suit your needs and preferences as long as you follow the basic guidelines of following a whole food diet and not eating any processed, artificial or refined foods.

    + Q: I am pregnant or breastfeeding, can I do the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge?

    A: Yes! This is not a restrictive diet and you and your baby are much better off if you are eating super healthy food! Just make sure to increase your portions for your meals and have extra snacks if needed.

    + Q: Are there any exotic or specialty ingredients included in the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge?

    A: No. All the recipes are made out of ingredients that can be bought at any mainstream grocery store or farmer's markets. It is actually strongly encouraged to eat and use ingredients and foods that are locally grown and available in your area.

    + Q: Does all the food have to be organic?

    A: It's up to you and what is available to you and your budget. Organic, locally grown foods are always preferable but not always available to everyone or affordable. What is most important is eating healthy, fresh, whole foods, and if it's organic and locally grown, great, but if not, don't let it hold you back from doing the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge and eating a healthy diet.

    + Q: I am on a budget, can I do the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge?

    A: Yes, of course. Many healthy foods are actually cheap and affordable like beans, legumes, whole grains, eggs, and assortment of fruits and vegetables. Be resourceful and look around at different grocery stores, health food stores and even contact local farms or merchants selling fresh produce to see what kind of deals you can get, what’s on special and what are the cheapest foods available in your area.

    + Q: I need to lose weight, can doing the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge help?

    A: Yes, definitely! In fact doing the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge will kick start the weight loss and by continuing with the 7 Day Whole Food Challenge's diet beyond the completion of the challenge, you will continue losing weight and easily keep the weight off. The 7 Day Whole Food Challenge's diet is designed to be followed over the long-term and in the final video of the 7 Day Whole Challenge, Natasha shares extra tips and suggestions for those wanting to continue losing weight and keep it off.

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